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Ripit, the most powerful name in the golfing industry.
We'll put our equipment up against anyone in the industry.
The quality goes in, before the grips go on.


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For years, we have been developing state of the art clubs for golfers of all skills. From the amateur who wants to better his game, to the pro who wants that "special" club, that will give him an edge. Whether you want more control and finesse from your irons, or more power and distance from your driver, Ripit golf clubs deliver in a big way. Simply put, we know what golfers want. Everything you could possibly want from a golf club, and at a price you'll be happy with. Many people have asked us how we can charge such low prices. It's simple, most name brand companies pay pros to use their equipment. Who do you think has to pay for those big contracts the pros get for using the equipment? The cost is passed down to you, the customer. You can end up paying hundreds of extra dollars, for a "name", printed on a club. We don't pay anyone to play our equipment, they pay us. This is why we can offer such low prices and still maintain the highest quality in design and build.

You know you've been looking for something that will take your game to the next level. Well, you've found it. Ripit golf clubs. You will be amazed at the difference these clubs will make. Ripit golf has got it all, from accurate irons, to the ultimate hybrid/utility club, all the way to The Ass Kicker Driver. There is only one thing left to do, go out there and Grip it and Ripit.


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