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The 1357®The Iron
4 Clubs In One!

#1 Utility Club in the golf industry since 1998


  • Comes in Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff, and also in Ladies.

  • There's nothing in the industry like it...it's Patented!

  • Four different grip positions

  This Patented hybrid club has a low profile stainless steel head and is very easy to hit. You'll have fun with this club! There are four different positions shown on the grip, allowing the club to be used in a variety of ways. After practicing with it for just a short time, you will be amazed by its performance from the rough, the fairway, and yes, even from the sand trap. Play with a hybrid that has ingenuity. We were the first company with a utility club when we went on the market in 1998. Just Grip It and Ripit®. A special tip is used in the shaft to reduce torque at impact allowing the club head to remain square at impact.  

Choose Flex
Only $79, plus shipping
(Reg. $109)



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