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The Ass Kicker Driver
There's no bigger face in the industry!
If we thought even bigger was better we would go bigger, but
anything over 440 cubic centimeters you're going to experience increased air drag.

CLOSE OUT SALE! Only $70 (reg. $229)
Save now, while supplies last!

  • 440 cubic centimeters

  • Titanium Alloy

  • 45 1/2 inches in length

  • Huge 2 1/2 inch high clubface

  • Comes in 9 degree loft

  • loft can be adjusted!

  The Ass Kicker Driver comes in regular, stiff, and extra stiff flexes. It also comes with a tungsten screw set, to change the loft. The driver can be custom ordered to your desired length and flex. You'll get more distance, without sacrificing control. With the ability to change lofts, The Ass Kicker Driver can be adjusted to your specific needs. Most big drivers add bulk in their width, but The Ass Kicker was designed to have a clubface of two and a half inches tall, which gives you a huge sweet spot. You end up with a big club, with a big sweet spot, but with little air drag, thus maintaining high swing speeds.  

Choose Flex

Only $70, plus shipping
(Reg. $229)

Standard: 45 1/2 length.
Send an email along with your order, if you would like
a different length.



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