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Closed Cavity Irons
2015 Special Pricing!



  • Comes in Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff, and also in Ladies.

  • Available in True Temper Steel, or Graphite. (Graphite is Alda HM-40 Series)

  • Closed cavity for longer, lower trajectory.

  • 3-PW


  Just like the Open Cavity Series, the Closed Cavity Irons give you control, distance, spin, all with a soft touch. The difference is, the Closed Cavity Irons, are for those who want a little more traditional ball flight. The closed cavity of the irons, will give the ball a little longer, lower trajectory than the Open Cavity Series. The bottoms of these hybrid clubs are unique. The clubs that are normally difficult to get up into the air, like the 3 and 4 iron, have a bevel, that allows the club to "lift" off the ground easier. Take a look at the picture below, you will notice the bevel on the bottom of the clubs. This helps tremendously with the long irons, to get the ball into the air faster and higher.    

Choose Flex

(Reg. $279)
True Temper Steel Shafts
Only $179, plus shipping

Choose Flex

Graphite Shafts
Only $179, plus shipping

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