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You know you've been looking for something that will take your game to the next level. Well, you've found it. Ripit® golf clubs. You will be amazed at the difference these clubs will make. Ripit® golf has got it all, from accurate irons, to the ultimate hybrid/utility club, all the way to The Ass Kicker Driver. There is only one thing left to do, go out there and Grip it and Ripit.™


  • Corey: I've been looking for a club that would bridge the gap between my driver and my irons. I was doubtful that one club could do this, until I took the "1357iron" out to the driving range. All I can say is, "WOW". This club is more accurate than my 3 and 5 woods, yet just as long. I have even tried it out of a sand trap and if the ball is not buried, this iron will get it out. I even use the "1357iron" off the tee, for those narrow fairways. And you can't beat the price!
  • Derek: I've been golfing for about 14 years. The gun metal irons have got to be the best feeling irons that I have used. I get more control and spin than I used to. I almost wasted a grand on some overpriced name brand clubs. I am SO glad I waited and tried out the Ripit clubs. They saved me money, and improved my game, what more could I ask for?
  • Tim, from Orange, CA: For fun, I shot an 18 with just my Ass Kicker, the 1357, a wedge and putter. I can't get over how much control I have now. I love them, thanks!
  • Bob, from Old Bridge, N.J.: You can bet that the industry will try to copy the 1357. I got it for an early Christmas gift, and we have had good weather for this time of the year. I was able to play 18 holes, and it just blew out of the high grass like butter! What a great gift. I will email you again in the spring and inform you on my progress. Thanks.

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